McConnell Tells His Supporters He’s Got Trump’s Impeachable Back


Mitt Romney took a shot at Trump for asking China to investigate Joe Biden. Romney is the first Republican to publically chastise the Trumpster for putting the gangster moves on Ukraine President Zelensky.

Mr. Trump claims he is a superhero who fights corruption. Trump claims the soft arm-squeezing conversation he had with Zelensky is part of his “clean up world corruption” agenda. But the only corruption target Mr. Trump has in his criminal crosshairs is Joe Biden. When a reporter asked Trump if he has other high-ranking officials on his corruption list, he gave the reporter one of his answers that wasn’t an answer.

Ukraine officials told Rudy Giuliani months ago Mr. Biden did nothing illegal. But Mr. Trump decided to blow Biden’s candidacy up when he realized Joe could kick his butt in the 2020 election. The Trumpster plans to destroy Biden, and then have his way with Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, according to political analysts.

The impeachment process will throw a monkey wrench in Trump’s plans. Adam Schiff’s committee, as well as other Congressional committees, think they will have enough evidence from the whistleblower, Kurt Volker, and other witnesses who plan to rat on Trump to bring the president down. According to a recent poll, 47 percent of the voting public thinks Trump committed an impeachable offense.

The president claims Schiff is a traitor, and the whistleblower is too. Trump wants to meet the whistleblower face-to-face so he can destroy that person’s life, but Congress won’t let that happen, according to Schiff.

Most Republicans are quiet now that more information surfaced about Trump’s plan to have Rudy and Mike Pence put the pressure on Zelensky. For months, Trump, Rudy, and Pence worked on a plan to force Zelensky to reopen a Biden investigation. Pence did some of Trump’s dirty work, and Rudy created internal chaos in Ukraine, so Ukraine officials finally had to call special ambassador Kurt Volker. Ukraine officials couldn’t understand why Rudy didn’t follow the typical state department’s agenda.

Trump knows impeachment is in his future. But he also knows Mitch McConnell has his back in the Senate. Mitch recently spent millions on Facebook ads that claim he’ll protect Trump if the Senate votes to impeach him. Mitch knows he has to end the impeachment trial fast in order to keep Trump in office.

More than thirty Republicans would vote to impeach Trump if Senators could vote in private, according to one Republican senator. The 20 Republican Senate votes needed to find Trump guilty could happen if those Republicans grew a pair before the Senate vote, according to the Washington Post.


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