Pence Claims Trump Didn’t Help Erdogan Send The Kurds To The Afterlife


Fiona Hill, Trump’s Russian advisor, spent seven hours on Capitol Hill. She didn’t abide by the White House threat to avoid certain issues that fall under Trump’s executive privilege order. Hill’s attorney told the White House most of the information Hill would share is public knowledge, so executive privilege doesn’t apply. Plus, executive privilege doesn’t work if the president committed a crime, according to Hill’s attorney.

Now that other Trump officials plan to give Adam Schiff and his impeachment inquiry panel an ear-full of Trump antics, Schiff told the press the whistleblower won’t testify. Mr. Trump still wants to talk to the whistleblower, so Schiff wants to make sure the whistleblower stays away from Republicans like Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan. Schiff thinks those Trumpians and others would love to expose the whistleblower, so Trump can have his way with the rat.

Lev Parnas, Rudy’s Ukrainian client paid Giuliani $500,000 for legal advice. Parnas and his pal Igor Fruman helped set up a meeting with Rudy and current Ukraine prosecutor Lutsenko in order to start a Biden smear campaign. Parnas and Fruman donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign through shell corporations. Both men had a plan to cash in after they helped Trump and Rudy shakedown Zelensky.

Manhattan federal prosecutors want to know why Rudy contacted a foreign government without going through the proper channels. Giuliani claims Trump told him to find out where the Clinton server was in Ukraine, and to reopen an investigation that could shine a bad light on Biden’s son Hunter. Hunter Biden was on the board of a Ukraine gas company, and Rudy claims the gas company had corruption in its corporate DNA.

Michael Bloomberg may jump into the Democratic race if Biden decides to drop out or if Elizabeth Warren takes the lead away from him. Mr. Biden told Trump he won’t go down without a fight. But Biden’s fundraising took a hit after Trump’s conversation with Zelensky.

Mike Pence knows the presidency he dreams about could be a reality if enough Republicans jump off the Trumpian ship. But Pence still defends Trump even though he knows the president tried to strong-arm Zelensky by withholding a military aid payment. Pence said Trump’s new Turkish sanctions should stop Erdogan’s mission to send the Kurds to the afterlife.

Some of his evangelical critics say Pence belongs to the church of greed now, and his soul will pay the price for kissing Trump’s butt.


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