Amazon Is Selling a Tablet for a Low Price


There are many people who want to buy gadgets made by Apple. However, they do not have enough money to pay the high prices that Apple charges. The good news is that there are some cheaper alternatives for people to choose from. For example, Amazon has released a tablet that is called the Fire HD 10. It sells for only $150. This is a huge bargain compared to the $330 that an iPad of the same size will cost you. Amazon is banking on the fact that there are millions of people who want to have a tablet and save money in the process.

Amazon has been trying to make a name for itself as a company that produces high quality gadgets for affordable prices. The word seems to be spreading. The company’s previous tablet sold very well. They are hoping the Fire HD 10 will do even better. They understand that not every person can afford Apple products. That leaves a lot of consumers that Amazon can target with their bargain computer products and other electronic devices. Amazon is counting on their tablet to be a big seller for Christmas. It remains to be seen if that will be the case.

One of the key selling points that the Amazon tablet has going for it is the fact that people who buy it are not forced to only use services owned by the company. For example, a person does not have to use Amazon Prime Video. They can subscribe to Netflix if they want. Other non-Amazon services like Spotify are also available. However, people who buy an iPad are locked into the Apple ecosystem in many ways. This makes the iPad less favorable to many people. Amazon is advertising the fact that their tablet gives people more options than the iPad.

Amazon will have more electronics that they will be releasing in 2020. It is not clear what they will be yet. The screen of the tablet is 1080p HD and it is 10 inches. This is more than adequate for watching movies or TV shows. However, you might have difficulty if you try to read a book on Kindle. A screen that is slightly larger would work better for book reading. Nonetheless, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great bargain that gives you a lot for your money. It would be ideal for people who are on a budget like college students.


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