Amit Kleinberger And His Thoughts On Leadership


Amit Kleinberger is the CEO of the international company Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, which operates hundreds of stores on multiple continents. What makes the leadership of Amit Kleinberger when it comes to this franchise so remarkable is that he built it up from a single store when he took the reins in 2008. He is also a writer whose thoughts on leadership, international business and other topics are valued.

From the military to the business world

Amit Kleinberger served in the military as a commander. In uniform, he learned about leadership the hard way and came to a number of conclusions that he was able to put to use in hie civilian life later as an entrepreneur. He carefully studied the concept of motivation as it applied to the service people he led and learned how to make people buy into the mission as opposed to just ordering them around. In short, he learned the fine art of creating team spirit.

Thoughts on leadership

Amit Kleinberger feels that while team is everything, it is only as good as each individual. Even in an organization as large as the one he now leads, Frenchie’s Frozen Yogurt, if even one person isn’t totally on board with the goals of the group, their negative attitude can spread like the ripples in a pond, and the results can be catastrophic.

Furthermore, dedication is absolutely critical. If team members take a “not my job” approach to their work, then everyone involved is going to pay a terrible price. On the battlefield, this could be loss of life; in the business world, this could be bankruptcy.

When it comes to the person in charge, he or she has to be able to accept accountability. Great leaders set great examples, and subordinates down the chain of command take their cues from the top when it comes to personal responsibility for results both good and bad.

Amit Kleinberger is a systems-oriented individual. In both military and civilian organizations, you have to expect the unexpected and have a system in place for every possibility. Furthermore, you can’t always rely on existing systems, and if one doesn’t exist for the problem at hand, you have to create it.


Amit Kleinberger believes that for a mission to be truly successful, there has to be a sense of higher purpose. In his leadership role at Frenchie’s Frozen Yogurt, he emphasizes to his team members that the goal isn’t to merely sell yogurt, it’s to improve the lives of customers through courtesy, awesome customer service and tasty yogurt.

Within the organization, he does whatever he can to create a positive workplace culture. He schedules parties, sets aside time for team-building exercises and generally does what he can to make the company a great place to work. He does this not only because it’s the right thing to do but also because it’s good business. A team that feels it is valued will go the extra mile.


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