‘The Crown’ Makes Its Return to Netflix


One of the most acclaimed dramas of the past several years has made a triumphant return to Netflix. The third season of “The Crown” just made its debut. The drama focuses on the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It starts back in the 1950s when she was crowned at a very young age. The goal of the series is to chronicle her entire life up until the present time. The interesting thing about the way the series is filmed concerns the cast. As time goes by on the show, characters are going to get older. Therefore, it would be impossible to use the same actors throughout the entire series. Therefore, the cast changes with each season. No show has ever used this approach before.

“The Crown” has received rave reviews since its debut. All of the aspects of the show have been praised. First of all, the series is very historically accurate. The story is written exactly how the events occurred in real life. There are not additional details that are thrown in to spice things up and make the show more interesting. The acting is also some of the best on TV. Netflix has spent the money needed to bring in the top British acting talent that is available right now. This has made a huge difference on the show.

The show is planned to run for five seasons. The third season has taken a long time to produce. This is because the people working on the show want everything to be perfect. They believe in paying very close attention to every detail. This means that it has taken longer than one year for season three to show up on Netflix. The early reviews of the season suggest that it is well worth the wait.

One of the things that fans and critics both really love about the show is the fact that it does not pull any punches. In other words, there are many things in the series that the members of the British royal family would rather not have talked about on the TV show. However, they are not involved in the production. Therefore, they have no say in what topics will make the final cut. The fact that no topic is off limits on “The Crown” is a huge selling point for the series. Viewers get to see all of the flaws of the most powerful family in the world.


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