Kurt Weiss Greenhouses Has A History Of Excellence


Selling plants and flowers is a very competitive industry to be a part of. For roughly 100 years, Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has established a reputation of excellence in the florist industry. They are currently the fourth largest grower in the United States. The Weiss family took over the company in the 1960s. However, the company can be traced back 50 years before that. The family still owns the company and oversees the entire operation. The size and scope of their operation is quite impressive. There are times during the holidays when the company will sell one million plants.

The company that is currently known as Kurt Weiss Greenhouses was started by a man named Otto Muller. He had come to the United States to make a new life for himself. He was originally from Germany. He started a greenhouse business in New York City around the year 1900. The company was eventually taken over by a man named Kurt Weiss. He was the son-in-law of Otto. Kurt would be forced to leave the company because of serious injuries he suffered in a car accident. His children took over the company and succeeded in helping the company to keep growing. It now employees more than 1,200 people.

One of the biggest reasons why Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has been able to endure and thrive for a century when so many other greenhouse companies have come and gone is their commitment to quality. They sell only the highest quality plants. The techniques that they use to grow their plants are very innovative and have revolutionized the greenhouse industry. The seed that they use is high quality and ensures that the plants that grow from it are healthy and strong. This is why the company has developed a very large and loyal customer base that keeps coming back again many times every year.

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses is a massive operation that encompasses dozens of greenhouses that are located in multiple areas. This allows the company to grow a wide variety of plants. Some species of plants are not able to grow in certain environments. Therefore, the company built greenhouses in many diverse areas to give their customers all of the plants that they have demanded. The company has been a huge success in large part because it has very educated and bright people making all of the critical business decisions.

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has continued to expand over the years. It seems like there is no limit to how big they will get. They have used the internet to reach a larger customer base than was ever possible before. They now ship plants to other states on a regular basis. They keep their prices very low. The company realizes that price is a key consideration for most of their regular customers. Therefore, they have always remained competitive in terms of price with all of the other greenhouse companies. They have had a great first 100 years. It appears like they will be around for another century.


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