Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Continues To Find Success By Adhering To Its Strict Principle Of High Quality Products


Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical product manufacturing firm that began operations in 1990 and has built an outstanding reputation over the years in areas such as topical pharmaceutical products and oral pharmaceuticals. These products are produced at the state of the art facility that is operated by Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals. This facility covers an impressive 125 thousand square feet. The company also prides itself on its research-based approach which has garnered a great deal of recognition and awards over the years. The firm’s outstanding leadership is a big reason why Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals is able to continue moving forward in such an impressive manner that has seen ongoing successes. With an employee base that exceeds 300 dedicated workers, Morton Grove is based out of the municipality of Morton Grove, Illinois. The bottom line with the leadership team at Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals is a commitment to providing customers with products that are of the highest quality levels. It is all about making the most innovative and effective treatments possible. One of the key members of this team of leaders is the Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Director Adra Minocherhomjee.

One of the most significant events in the Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals company history occurred during the 2003 calendar year. It was during this time period that the firm was able to bring in a tremendous amount of financing from Allied Capital. The amount of this financing came in at more than $8 million.

Another one of the biggest events in the history of Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals was its acquisition by the firm Wockhardt. Wockhardt is known for products that range from liquids and injectable pharmaceutical products to oral and solid products. The firm also produces nasal spray products. This acquisition was undertaken for an amount that was undisclosed and marked an outstanding opportunity for both firms to further their business models. This is due to the complementary nature of both organizations. Wockhardt is a respected entity within the pharmaceutical industry and first launched its USA branch in 2004. This was marked by the release of three different products that had attained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration. The Wockhardt acquisition of Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals took place during the month of October in the 2007 calendar year.

With the backing of a great parent firm like Wockhardt, the team at Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals looks forward to a strong future. The leadership team continues to prepare for success in the coming decade.


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