Mulvaney Files His Own Lawsuit To Stop Schiff From Frying His Trump-Protecting Butt But Then He Changed his Mind


The president’s approval rating with women voters keeps falling. Only 37 percent of women voters think Trump’s as great as he says he is. Women who live in the suburbs want to throw Trump out of office, according to recent polls. Those women helped the Democrats win the House in 2018. And they expect to send Trump to his new official residence in Florida permanently in 2020.

But Mr. Trump’s voter base doesn’t give up easily. Sixty-two percent of Trump voters say they will stand with the Trumpster no matter what he says or does. They believe it takes a criminal to root out the criminals in Washington.

Trump is popular with the MMA crowds and the voters who love to watch wrestlers’ body slam each other. Most Trump voters aren’t the educated conservatives who held the Republican Party together for years. Trump voters are blue-collar workers and farmers who believe the president’s tariffs will make their lives better in one way or another. Most of those voters are men. But women Trump voters are just as committed to wearing red hats as their rowdy male mates.

Lev Parnas thought donating more than $350,000 to Trump’s campaign would give him a special place in Trump’s heart. No one is sure where the money Parnas and his business partner Igor Fruman gave came from. But several news sources say the shell corporations that actually gave the Trump campaign the money came from a Ukrainian group that has Russian connections.

Parnas wanted to used his relationship with Rudy Giuliani to get close to Trump. Parnas and Fruman paid Rudy $500,000 to have their picture taken with Trump, Mike Pence, and Don Jr. So when Trump told the press he didn’t know Lev or Igor, Parnas got his feelings hurt. He decided to tell Congress what he and Igor did in Ukraine for Trump and Rudy.

Mick Mulvaney knew about Trump’s plan to get Zelensky to open an investigation that would throw Joe Biden and his son under the Trump conspiracy train. Mick’s the guy who held up the $400 million check until Zelensky promised to do Trump’s dirty work.

Congress wants Mulvaney to testify. Mick decided to initiate his own lawsuit against Congress, but he changed his mind. He decided to obey the president and give Schiff the finger. But Mick knows Trump wants to fire his ass for letting the press know Trump did quid pro quo Zelensky and he told people to “get over it.”


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