Netanyahu Indicted On Fraud Breach of Trust And Bribery Charges


Don Jr’s new book “Triggered” hit New York’s Best-Selling List as soon as it arrived in bookstores. Junior dedicated the book to the “deplorables” who help get his dad elected. The Republican National Committee made sure Triggered hit the best-selling list by buying the book in bulk. The RNC spent more than $94,000 to make sure Trump’s son became a best-selling author.

Trump decided to take off the gloves when he called members of the White House and the Democrats “human scum” for telling the truth. The public impeachment witnesses let voters know Trump wanted to screw Ukraine. Ambassador Gordon Sondland threw the Trumpster under the quid pro quo bus. But he didn’t remember talking to Trump while he drank wine at a Kyiv restaurant with American diplomats.

David Holmes, one of the diplomats who had lunch with Sondland on July 26th, heard Trump say he didn’t care about Ukraine. He only cared about investigating Joe Biden. The call happened one day after Trump’s now-famous July 25th call. Sondland told Trump President Zelensky said he’s all in, and he will do anything the Trumpster wants as long as Trump releases the military aid check. But Trump held the check until the State Department released the check in September.

Lindsey Graham wants to open a Joe Biden investigation to take the impeachment heat off the president. Graham also wants to investigate Burisma, the gas company that paid Hunter Biden $50,000 a month to sit on the board. Hunter was not in the gas business at the time and had no experience in that business. Mr. Trump believes Joe forces the gas company to hire his son. Plus, Trump claims Biden held a $1.1 billion check over Ukraine’s head until the corrupt prosecutor-general got the ax.

Those claims are not true, according to the Ukraine officials who investigated Burisma before Rudy Giuliani started pressuring Ukraine to do Trump’s political dirty work.

Mr. Trump’s pal Ben Netanyahu may have to step down now that he can’t form a government, and the Israeli attorney general indicted him on breach of trust, bribery, and fraud charges.

Ben claims he’s innocent. But most Israelis believe Netanyahu got too big for his PM britches while he controlled parts of the Middle East. Trump and Netanyahu along with Jared Kushner tried to force a Middle East peace plan down Palestinians throats earlier this year. Jared and Ben are tight. Ben stays with Kushner when he visits the United States.


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