Seventy Percent Of Americans Think Trump Tried To Screw Zelensky


Wilbur Ross got the okay from Trump to extend the Huawei license for another 90 days. Trump wants the Chinese to sign his phase one trade deal before he releases licenses for longer periods. More than 206 American corporations want a license to use Huawei products. But Wilbur said the Trumpster didn’t tell him when he would be able to give out the licenses.

The phase one trade deal is in Trump’s tariff mud. Trump won’t drop the tariffs, and China won’t sign unless Trump drops some tariffs. Bob Lighthizer and Chinese negotiator Liu He talk every day, according to Bob Lighthizer. Lighthizer keeps pushing the Chinese to accept Trump’s deal. But President Xi told the Chinese press Trump must drop the upcoming tariffs as well as other tariffs on electronics and other products if he wants a signed deal this year.

The Trumpster claims he’s in no hurry to sign a deal. But the fact that Lighthizer tries to change Liu He’s mind every day shows Trump needs a trade win so the farmers will keep wearing the red MAGA hats.

The public impeachment hearings have not gone Trump’s way even though Jim Jordan and the other Trumpians tried to defend Trump for bribing Zelensky. Mr. Trump told Jordan he wants the whistleblower to testify, so Jim keeps pushing Schiff to reveal the whistleblower.

Rudy Giuliani said the impeachment hearings are a sham. Rudy’s up to his neck in Ukrainian swamp water. Giuliani might be the scapegoat the Republicans pick to protect Trump. Rudy told the press he has insurance if the Trumpster tries to throw him under the impeachment bus.

Gordon Sondland is another scapegoat candidate. Gordon talked to Trump from Kiev on an unsecured cell phone. People in the restaurant and the Russians heard Trump tell Sondland he wanted dirt on Joe Biden. Sondland denied he knew Trump wanted to screw Zelensky. But he changed his mind after Bill Taylor told Congress Sondland was Trump’s bribery goffer. A national security aide also said Sondland tried to keep State Department officials out of the loop.

A new poll shows seventy-one percent of Americans think Trump’s plan to screw Zelensky was a bad move. Fifty-one percent of Americans think the Zelensky screwing was wrong, and it is an impeachable offense. But 25 percent of Americans say Trump was right to ask a foreign country to interfere with the 2020 election.


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