South Korea Signs A New Defense Deal With China


U.S. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien told Canada to forget about using Huawei’s 5G technology. O’Brien said Huawei spies for the Chinese government. O’Brien wants to make sure Canada knows Trump will make life miserable for Trudeau if he decides to let Huawei build the country’s 5G platform.

The Chinese foreign minister told G7 summit attendees in Japan Trump’s playing with fire by pushing his country to the limit. Chinese negotiators told Bob Lighthizer their government will get tougher on intellectual property thief, and they will open their domestic market to foreign investment as well as stop controlling their currency.

In return, China wants Trump to drop $391 billion worth of tariffs and take the December tariff increase off the table. Trump told the press he won’t sign a phase one trade deal unless he gets the deal he wants. Mr. Trump wants to change the way the Chinese government treats its international corporations, but President Xi said that won’t happen. Mr. Trump told the press Huawei and ZTE spy for their government, but China denies those claims.

Lev Parnas wants to tell Adam Schiff what he knows about the Zelensky screwing. Parnas and Igor Fruman helped Rudy Giuliani get to Zelensky thanks to their connections in Ukraine’s government. Both men are Russian-born Ukrainians who wanted to make a fortune if Zelensky did Trump’s dirty work. Parnas and Fruman paid Rudy $500,000 to get close to Trump even though Trump claims he doesn’t know either man.

Mr. Trump likes to say that when people try to bring him down. He told the press he didn’t know Gordon Sondland even though the men talked to each other more than 20 times, according to Mr. Sondland. Sondland’s testimony hurt the Trumpster, but he didn’t bash Sondland for his comments. But he did try to intimidate the other White House officials who testified during the public impeachment hearings.

The South Koreans don’t like the way Trump deals with Kim Jon Un. They also don’t want to pay what Trump wants them to pay to keep more than 28,000 American troops on the North Korean border. South Korea pays 40 percent of the cost for that protection. But Trump wants them to pay all the costs, and then some. President Moon just signed a security agreement with China in case Trump decides to pull American troops off the border.


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