The Story Of Brain Tambi And BrianT Laboratories


In Chicago, Brian Tambi is known as one of the most intelligent business minds when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. His passion for this industry is mind-blowing, and he has been coming up with new ideas all the time. His dedication was revived a few years back when he announced that he would be helping to set up a new company.

According to a statement from Mr. Tambi, the company was supposed to offer new insights and contributions to a market that is growing fast. They want to keep up with the trend of treating a variety of ailments using a single pill.

About The New Company

The formation of BrianT by Brian Tambi was a continuation of the excellent work that he had started at Morton Grove. This is a generic drug manufacturing company that he has brought to light thanks to his innovative manufacturing and marketing abilities.

While launching his new venture, he said that he hoped that the company would be a leading manufacturer of branded drugs. The technology involves combining hypertension drugs with cholesterol medication. The effect would be a super pill that effectively manages a wide variety of health problems.

Other Companies Doing the Same

For Brian Tambi, he already knows that he is not alone in this business. Other drug manufacturers have gone ahead of him, and he will have to find a way of catching up. However, when you look at his record, you get the assurance that he is not the kind of professionals to start something that he cannot accomplish.

Already, leading drug makers such as Merck& Co and Pfizer, are making drugs which they call combination pills. Others call them super pills because of their ability to treat multiple diseases such as blood pressure and cholesterol.

The New Location for the Company

According to Brian Tambi, the new company will have its base in Lake Forest. Although he said that hypertension and cholesterol were the health conditions that he was focusing on most, he has not decided on the kinds of drugs that will be combined to form the super pills.

In addition to that, he was optimistic that once everything has been worked out, it will be clear the kinds of combinations that they will be using. From his background in the pharmaceutical industry, there is no doubt that he already knows the path that his new company wants to chart.

Apart from BrianT Laboratories, Brian Tambi has been involved in the creation of several other pharmaceutical companies. He has served as the CEO of some and been a director of others. In a career that spans over decades, he has been moving from one place to another, helping to create solutions that make life bearable for patients.

His marketing understanding is one of the things that have kept him afloat. In addition to that, observers in the industry say that they are looking forward to the new solutions that Brian Tambi is developing because they have witnessed what he can do. With the super pills gaining popularity across America and the entire world, there is no doubt that his innovations will be watched closely.


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