Will Another Streaming Service Be Able to Beat Netflix?


There can be very little debate that Netflix has dominated the streaming industry. They have by far the most subscribers around the world. There has not been a company that has come even close to threatening their reign of streaming supremacy. However, the streaming wars are now in full swing. Disney+ has already launched and 10 million people subscribed on the platform’s first day of existence. Next year will see the launch of HBO Max. This will feature much more than all of the classic HBO titles. It will also have iconic classics like “Friends.” This show was formerly the property of Netflix and one of the most popular shows they had.

With the enormous catalog of great shows and movies that Disney+ currently has and HBO Max will have when it launches, there are many people who are wondering if Netflix will be the king of the mountain for much longer. Netflix has a very big lead. They have over 160 million subscribers. That means they will still be in very good shape even if millions of people cancel their service tomorrow. However, what about several years from now? What will the streaming landscape look like then? Will Netflix still be as dominant? There are some different opinions about this.

There are people in the media who seem to think that the pricing of these streaming services will play a very large role in which one comes out on top. HBO Max is not the only streaming service that will debut next year. There will be a few others for people to choose from. People will not subscribe to all of them. Therefore, people are wondering which ones will be able to survive. The companies that are operating these services are massive and worth literally billions of dollars. Therefore, none of them will go out of business if their streaming service fails.

People have shown they are willing to pay a premium if they believe they are getting a lot for their money. The price of Disney+ is only $7 per month. By way of comparison, HBO Max will cost $15 per month. That massive price difference will keep many people from subscribing. It will be very interesting to see what the demand for HBO Max is when it launches next year. Millions of people have paid high prices for iPhones because they feel they are better than other smartphones. Will the same thing happen to HBO Max?


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