The Apple iPhone XR Was the Biggest Selling Smartphone of 2019


The dominance that Apple has over the smartphone industry continued once again in 2019. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Apple made the smartphone that sold more than any other. The Apple iPhone XR was the model that had people very excited this year. There is no question that Samsung has come a long way in terms of gaining a sizeable portion of the smartphone market. However, they still have a long way to go in order to knock Apple off their pedestal. The American tech giant has a reputation for making very high quality phones. They are very pricey. However, people around the world have shown that they do not mind paying more money for a phone that is of superior quality.

Apple has tapped into a consumer base that does not see a high price as a deterrent where gadgets are concerned. The one complaint that people have about Apple involves the fact that they come out with new iPhones too frequently. Many people have said that newer and more expensive models do not have any real advantages from the older models that will now begin to get phased out. There is a lot of truth to this. However, it does not stop millions of people around the world from lining up every time a new iPhone gets released. There is a lot of truth to this. It is one of the methods that Apple uses to rake in a lot of cash.

There have been no complaints about the latest iPhone model as of yet. However, Apple is already hard at work on the next iPhone in the series. In fact, the plans have already leaked. This could end up being a huge disaster for Apple if other companies steal aspects of the phone’s design.

There is no indication that any other company will be able to overcome Apple and take the top spot on the list of smartphone makers. The iPhone was the first smartphone when it was released over a decade ago. Apple has made many innovations since then. This has allowed subsequent iPhone releases to get more advanced. The quality of the camera is much better than it was a decade ago. The size of the memory has also been increased. It would be a surprise if the new iPhone was not the biggest selling smartphone in 2020. No other company has a comparable model.


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