Ben Melkman Is Drawing On His Experience And Knowledge To Help Build Light Sky Macro LP


    Ben Melkman has been working as an investor for many years, and he has been able to earn quite a bit of money throughout his career. In the past, he served with Morgan Stanley as its executive director. He was with the company for almost a half decade, and during his time there, he helped to keep up with the company’s daily operations. He also kept a close watch on the amount of money Morgan Stanley was using to pay its staff and to keep itself running smoothly and efficiently. In order to help the company build a solid business plan and create new partnerships, Melkman had to have a decent amount of control. He learned a lot while working with Morgan Stanley.

    Ben Melkman also served with Brevan Howard in Switzerland as a partner and portfolio manager. He spent a lot of his time looking deeply into other companies and conducting the kind of research that would help to move the company forward. Melkman’s research efforts have been proven to help companies make more money and to make accurate assessments before making specific business moves. Most portfolio managers need to be sure that the data they are looking at is helping their clients. While serving with Brevan Howard, Melkman tracked commercial markets and paid close attention to the kind of news that could alter the course of the bonds or stocks his company was invested in.

    It didn’t take long for Ben Melkman to realize that various events that took place on a global level had a powerful impact on his investments. He learned to watch the news and pay attention to trends in the market so he could avoid taking huge losses. It takes a long time for any portfolio manager to learn how to spot the kinds of changes in the market that signal whether it is time to buy or to sell. Melkman eventually became a master in his field, and then he decided to do something different.

    Instead of continuing to work for others, Ben Melkman made a decision to strike out on his own. He started up Light Sky Macro LP, which is a fund that is operating out of New York. Melkman studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science where he earned his bachelor’s degree. This has helped him throughout his career by giving him a deeper understanding of the way that economics work in the world. He is now applying his knowledge and experience to his own company where he can make decisions based on his own research and insight.

    Before the creation of Light Sky Macro LP, Ben Melkman was working in Argentina with bonds. He realized the potential of a bond program that was being created in the country and was able to earn millions of dollars by making a key investment. He has been working with a couple of other partners to raise money for his new company, and together, they have been able to raise over $1.45 billion.


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