Ben Melkman Has Been A Success Because Of His Confidence In His Own Abilities


    Ben Melkman knows that a good investor makes money by taking the kind of investments that have a good chance of producing positive results. When he was younger, he decided to study at the London School of Economics, which is a school in the United Kingdom that offers students a chance to learn more about finances, politics, and social sciences. After graduating from the school with honors, Melkman went on to serve with Morgan Stanley. He worked with the firm as an executive director and stayed there for a little under five years.

    After working with Morgan Stanley, Ben Melkman decided to go to work in Geneva, Switzerland. He could have worked with many companies, but he chose to become a portfolio manager with Brevan Howard. During his time with the company, he made countless smart investments that made him stand out. One of his best investment moves had to do with the bond market in Argentina. While many other investors had been staying away from Argentina, he saw an opportunity that he couldn’t refuse.

    Ben Melkman knew that the country had defaulted on its bonds more than once, but new leaders had stepped up since then. He had been keeping his eye on one of the country’s newer leaders and decided that it was a good time to take a chance on investing in bonds there. His hard work was part of the reason why Brevan Howards saw a decent increase in its earnings that year. If Melkman hadn’t followed his own judgment and experience, by listening to others instead of going with his own gut, he would have missed out on making a lot of money for his company.

    Ben Melkman soon realized he had all of the tools he needed to run his own investment operation. Instead of waiting another day, he decided to leave Howard Brevan and strike out on his own by creating Light Sky Macro LP. His firm is located in the USA in New York, and he raised more than $1 billion to get it started. He never doubted his own business savvy as he came from a family full of business leaders who have ran their own companies. Over the years, he has been able to discover the right investments because of his research skills. He is also an independent thinker who doesn’t worry about following the crowd when making investment choices.

    Ben Melkman has set up Light Sky Macro so it will be working with large institutional investors. His skill set allows him to see opportunities in the investment sector that are driven by global politics. He is also very aware of the state of the world’s economy, which is something more investors should be paying close attention to. Melkman will be looking to make the same kinds of predictions that he has in the past, and many people are expecting great things from him and Light Sky Macro. He plans on keeping his eye on the economies of Asia and South America and will be ready to make the right investment when it presents itself.


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