Elaine Burke Laments How You Could Get Years out of Big Etch Purchase and It’s Not the Case Anymore


A decade ago, Elaine Burke purchased his first own MacBook a 13-inch computer that had a significant number of unique and best features one could want at that time. It had a cd drive and ports garole. The MacBook was easy to carry around since it was less bulky. Elaine’s MacBook gave him plenty of services. Ann O’Dea lent him a job at Silicon Valley when he was still using the same laptop. Though his partner has purchased three laptops since they met, Elaine regrets losing his old MacBook laptop.

He laments that on Friday, he did spill a cup of tea on his machine, taking it to its death. The problem is that the machine’s spare parts are a decade old, making it difficult to find. Thus, repairing the device will be a big challenge. Elaine visited the Apple-licensed support center, and the technician accessed the machine and later told him that it was a relic and that It was unworthy fixing. He then sought better services for his old broken machine to no avail.

Companies such as Apple industries have made people think that they produce products that are superannuated. This has increased the disposal culture around electronics. Elaine bought the MacBook as an investment, which later paid off. He claims that with the new trend, it will be challenging to find the same type or a machine that will be long-lasting like his 13- inch MacBook. Planned obsolescence theory was going to force him to purchase another laptop in the future. Though his machine software upgrade was waning, Elaine didn’t give up on his machine. Little did he know that a cup of tea was the one that was going to make his machine peg out.
Elaine grieves a lot of “passing away” of his great, outrageous, and long-lasting laptop. However, he claims that he has also contributed in the e-waste cycle through other gadgets like smartphones, which he has given out or donated to others.

He complains that companies nowadays don’t make tech gadgets like they used to do before. The new Macbook needs a magnetic adapter to prevent It from falling unlike before and that the machines produced are sleek and light. He fears that the tradition of keeping gadgets for a long time will die. Purchasing new products each time they need an upgrade will be the latest trend. According to Elaine life cycle of tech products will be reduced and many tech products bought a decade ago will be deemed relic.


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