Elizabeth Warren Reaches Out To Supporters For Increased Donations


The campaign of Elizabeth Warren informed its supporters on Friday that its efforts to raise money have stalled at $17 million for the present quarter. The Warren campaign made a plea for more funds from supporters.

The number represents a significant drop from what Warren campaigners counted in the last quarter. The drop in campaign donations seems to coincide with the slide in polls of the one-time frontrunner to face Donald Trump for the U.S. presidency in 2020.

The official website of the Warren campaign posted a message that informed supporters the campaign is dangerously close to falling short of the $20 million goal established for the fourth quarter of 2019. The message was delivered just two days before the end of the quarter.

An email to supporters added to this message by explaining the campaign is a ‘significant chunk’ behind where it stood at the same point in the third quarter of 2019.

The Warren campaign raised $24.6 million over the third quarter of 2019. This was nearly a $1 million less than the money raised by candidate Bernie Sanders over the same time period. Warren and Sanders are the two candidates in next year’s presidential election who have pledged to accept no money from big donors.

Warren is currently a United States Senator from Massachusetts and has done well in Democratic polls over the past two years. In recent months, she has placed consistently among the top three candidates for next year’s Democratic nomination. She is joined on the shortlist of Democratic candidates by former vice-president Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Warren announced in November that the wealthiest Americans would bear the brunt of taxes to fund a new Medicare for All plan she unveiled. Warren began to slide in the polls not long after the announcement was made. Warren explained no money would be taken from the middle class but has seen her plan get criticized for being ‘unrealistic.’ Other opponents to the plan have labeled it as extreme.

Warren used Twitter to communicate her intentions Thursday to personally contact donors to her campaign. She also asked donors to end their Thursday night by pitching in $3 dollars to her efforts to become president.

Warren’s populist campaign messages have included promises to fight the corruption that plagues Washington and put an end to the effects of Wall Street greed.

Warren promised to stay away from high-dollar fundraisers in October if she became the next Democratic nominee for president. She has remained true to this principle throughout her primary run.


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