The Farm Bailout Hurts Future Chinese Orders


The impeachment of Donald Trump is a sure thing. But finding the Trumpster guilty is another story. Senate Republicans will carry the impeachment ball when Jerry Nadler’s committee draws up the articles of impeachment. Three out of four constitutional scholars told Congress Trump wants to destroy democracy so he can rule like a monarch.

Mr. Trump loves monarchs. Kim Jon Un is a friend. And Turkey’s Erdogan is another Trump business associate. Mr. Trump and Melania broke English protocol when they shook the queen’s hand before the Buckingham Palace dinner. Trump thinks he is a royal monarch thanks to his Narcissistic Personality Disorder, according to several psychiatrists. Those psychiatrists put out a warning about Trump’s narcissistic behavior.

Doctors claim the impeachment process could send the Trumpster off the edge of sanity. The president might make a few moves that will protect him from being a loser. Some reports claim Trump wants to send 14,000 additional troops to the Middle East to force a war with Iran. Or, he could send a few missiles Kim Jon Un’s way for threatening him with a Christmas gift he might not like.

Canada’s Central Bank members think Trump’s tariff war will have a lasting impact on the global economy even when a deal finally gets to the signing stage. The manufacturing and logistic nightmares caused by Trump’s tariffs will continue to haunt the global economy.

China’s economy is in trouble. The Chinese just introduced a stimulus package to keep their consumer market and manufacturing sector on the plus side. But high consumer debt could drop China’s Gross Domestic Product growth below six percent in 2020 even with this new injection of cash.

Mr. Trump thinks China’s economy will fall before the U.S. economy lands in negative territory. But China can do things to keep their economic numbers up that Trump can’t do. The Federal Reserve Board won’t help Trump win his trade war. Board members want the president to stop his tariff wars, but Trump just let Brazil and Argentina know he’s ready to add tariffs to steel and aluminum to stop those countries from taking Chinese farm orders away from American farmers.

Mr. Trump’s $24 billion farm bailout makes the 2018 auto bailout look small. The farmers didn’t lose that much money, but the Commerce Department put the numbers together while Ross took a nap at that meeting. The big farm issue these days is not a revenue loss. It’s the lost business the farmers won’t get back now that other countries have better prices and are easier to work with than working with the Trumpster.


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