Harley Quinn Executive Producer Talks Casting Kaley Cuoco for Series


Following its premiere last Friday on DC Universe, Harley Quinn has wowed audiences with its smart storytelling, over the top violence, and the spunky heroine’s psychotic antics. The animated series features the voice talents of The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco as the titular ex-girlfriend of Batman archenemy the Joker. While Cuoco came as an unexpected choice to lead the series, fans have thus far been impressed by the actress’s work. In an interview with Metro UK, series executive producer Justin Halpern talked about how Cuoco got the part in the streaming service’s first original animated series.

Halpern told reporters that initially he was hesitant about Cuoco playing what has become such an iconic role since the character debuted in 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series. At the urging of executives from Warner Bros., Halpern spoke to Cuoco about the part and was amazed at how quickly the actress understood what the writing team was attempting with the series. Halpern explains that the show’s first season follows Quinn’s wish to get out of the shadow of her abusive and co-dependent relationship with the Joker. Donning a sleek, new feminine costume, Quinn bursts into Gotham City’s criminal underworld intent on forming a new gang that will get her admission into the Legion of Doom. Along for the ride is Quinn’s BFF Poison Ivy, who provides deadpan commentary on all of Quinn’s zany plans. Poison Ivy is voiced by Bless This Mess actress Lake Bell in the series.

In a separate interview with TVLine, Cuoco revealed the difficulty she had performing as Quinn. Part of the difficulty the actress found was that voice acting was different from a traditional live action performance. When Cuoco perfected her iteration of Quinn’s voice later in the season, she told reporters with the entertainment news website that she felt that it was necessary for her to re-record earlier episodes so that they matched the later episodes’ more manic, hysterical tone. Cuoco also said that she accepted from the get-go that it would be disingenuous for her to attempt the character’s iconic Brooklyn accent. Instead, the actress strove to make her own version of Quinn.

New episodes of Harley Quinn are available for streaming each Friday on DC Universe.


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