Mike Pence Knew Trump Wanted To Aid-Screw Zelensky


NATO leaders think Trump’s a joke. They watched him sit in front of the foreign press for 50 minutes spewing his snake oil and claiming his innocence. Trump wants to convince the world he’s not a mobster, but most of the members of NATO know the Trumpster plays dirty.

Mr. Trump and President Macron got into it when Macron said NATO is brain death thanks to the Trumpster. Trump told the press Macron’s comment was nasty, but Macron didn’t apologize. He turned up the heat on Trump. He threw shade at Trump for making a deal with Turkey to blow the Kurds in Syria into their next life. Macron told Trump Turkey’s President Erdogan is a mental case and siding with the corrupt leader makes him a mental case too.

Boris Johnson told Trump to stay out of the U.K.’s election. Boris knows one tweet from the president might be the kiss of death he wants to avoid for being a Trump-lover. Johnson, Macron, Trudeau, and other leaders laughed at Trump behind his back at the Queen’s Royal Dinner. Trump had his best fitting tux on, but the sleeves hide most of his orange hands.

Prince Andrew didn’t attend the dinner. Trump and Andrew go way back. The Trumpster hung out with Jeffrey Epstein back when Trump was hitting the paint and boning his way to hooker heaven. Andrew’s accuser Virginia Giuffre told the BBC Andrew was a sweaty sot when he used to bang her while Epstein abused her. The prince denies giving Giuffre three royal screwings, but Prince William and Prince Charles know Andy is a bit of a pervert.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin want to give Sundar Pichai a chance to prove he can be the CEO of Google and Alphabet at the same time. Page and Brin want to streamline management in both companies.

Huawei’s CEO told the press he’s moving his U.S. research center to Canada. Ren Zhengfei told Trump he knows Huawei is a pawn in his tariff war. Ren’s daughter Meng is painting and reading in Vancouver thanks to Trump’s attempt to make China cry, uncle.

Adam Schiff released the impeachment report. The report didn’t help Mike Pence’s case that he didn’t know the Trumpster wanted to aid-screw Zelensky. In fact, Pence, Pompeo, and Bill Barr knew what Trump wanted to do, and they helped him do it.


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