New Bill & Ted Film Will Be Released Next Year


Keanu Reeves has been on a career roll lately. He had pretty much disappeared for a long time. However, the John Wick series has made him very relevant again. The third installment of that very popular series came out this year. It was another big hit. However, there are many other great things in store for Keanu in the future. In 2020, he will start filming the fourth John Wick movie and the fourth Matrix movie. He will also be starring in a long-awaited Bill & Ted sequel that will come out in August. To say the film is long-awaited is a very big understatement. The second film in the series came out way back in 1991.

The new film will be titled “Bill & Ted Face the Music.” Fans of the series were thrilled when both Keanu Reeves and co-star Alex Winter announced over a year ago that a new Bill & Ted film was actually going to happen. Unfortunately, comedy legend George Carlin passed away several years ago. He was a huge presence in the first two films playing the cool and unflappable Rufus. The lack of Carlin’s presence in the third film will be a huge problem that it will need to overcome.

Keanu Reeves has said that he had been approached several times over the years about reviving the Bill & Ted franchise. However, there were always problems in making that happen. He said that either the script was not right or he was busy with a different film. The original writers of the first two movies have come packed and penned the third installment. That is one of the main reasons that Keanu decided to come back and do the new movie. He said that it is very funny and he had a blast filming it.

New photos from the film were recently released. The character of Death is shown talking to Bill & Ted in one of the photos. The film will be released by Orion Pictures. This is the same studio that released the first two movies in 1989 and 1991. Keanu Reeves believes that the new film maintains the same comedic vibe as the first two films. However, Bill & Ted are forced to adapt to a world that is far different to the one that they lived in 28 years ago when the last film was released. Their age will also be a factor.


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