New She-Hulk Series Will Be on Disney+


The Marvel universe is filled with literally thousands of unique and interesting characters. There are many of these characters that have never been seen in a live-action movie or TV show before. Disney is going to make the most of all the characters they bought when they acquired Marvel. They have announced that the new Disney+ streaming service will be the home of a new series that centers around the character of She-Hulk. This is one of the lesser known Marvel characters. However, She-Hulk definitely has a fan base. She was created by Stan Lee and is the cousin of Bruce Banner. She basically has the same powers as the Hulk.

The series was announced earlier this year. However, not many details were given. For example, there has been no casting info released to the public. The woman who will play She-Hulk has not been revealed. It is also not known when the show will debut. Many Marvel fans are excited about the series. It shows that Disney wants to expand the Marvel universe beyond the most famous and well known characters. Disney wants to make use of some of the other characters that people who do not read comic books will not be aware of. This is a very good strategy for them to employ moving forward.

Disney+ will already be home to a number of other shows that will star Marvel characters. For example, the Scarlet Witch and Loki will both have their own shows. There are also other shows related to Marvel characters that are currently in development. Disney is intent on making as much Marvel content as possible. Another show that is generating a lot of buzz is going to star the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This series will premiere some time in the next year.

There are many theories about who will be cast to play the lead role in the She-Hulk series. There are even a few online campaigns for several actresses. There is no time table for Disney to make their casting decisions about this show. Therefore, it could be a long time until this info is revealed to the public. The one major difference between the Hulk and his female counterpart is that she is still calm and rational after she turns green. There is never a time when she goes into a rage and starts to destroy things.


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