Rudy Gets Hit With A Grand Jury Subpoena


The Queen invited Trump to dinner to ask him if he could help Prince Andrew come out of the Epstein scandal looking like a royal. Trump plans to give the Queen a few mobster tips, but he won’t see Boris Johnson while the cameras roll. If Trump talks to Boris, it will be one of Trump’s secrets meetings.

Trump’s not popular in the United Kingdom. The Trumpster wants the U.K. to leave the EU by any means. If it was up to Trump, he would leave the EU and stiff them on the dues due just to show them he rules the way all crime bosses ruled through the years.

The NATO meeting should make Trump happy when the news breaks the U.S. part of the NATO security payment will drop 6 percent in 2021. NATO members hope paying 16 percent of the total payment instead of 22 percent will give Trump enough bragging rights to show his voter base he’s still working for them while Congress lights the impeachment fire.

The Chinese told the Trumpster if he wants to brag about a phase one trade win he will have to remove the tariffs. Mr. Trump told the people who still listen the phase one deal is inches away from his signature. What he didn’t say is the deal is yards away from Xi’s signature. Xi won’t sign unless Trump gets help for his tariff addiction.

Hunter Biden doesn’t want the Republicans to get hold of his financial statements. That could happen if the woman suing him for child support gets the court to see things her way. Biden had an affair with the women and she found out Biden is the father.

The president of Brazil blames Leonardo DiCaprio for starting the fires in the Amazon. President Jair Bolsonaro is the Trump of the Tropics. He likes to use the same snake oil Trump uses when he breaks laws and tries to hide his nefarious deeds.

Rudy Giuliani is up to his neck in Ukrainian dirt. A grand jury sent Rudy a subpoena. The Feds wants to see Rudy’s consulting business documents. Federal Prosecutors think Rudy played a role in wire fraud, money laundering, campaign finance violations, obstruction of justice, violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act and making false statements.

But Rudy claims he’s a victim. As long as he’s Trump’s bumbling legal eagle he thinks he’s invincible. But the Trumpster let the press know he didn’t send the Rudster to Ukraine. That might mean Trump might pull a Michael Cohen on him.


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