Trump Critic Barred From Speaking At A NATO Conference


Kim Jon Un let the Trumpster know he’s an erratic old fool for threatening him, again. Trump told Kim to calm down, and denuke instead of riding white horses and firing missiles at Japan. But when Kim said he got a North Korean Christmas-type ballistic missile on standby for him, the Trumpster knew he had to act tough.

Trump’s acting tough during the impeachment process. Trump wants to call a group of witnesses at the Senate trial who can cause the kind of nonsensical chaos he likes to create. Biden is the target in Trump’s Ukraine screwing. And Biden is the target who will take most of the fire from the Republicans during the impeachment hearings. Mr. Trump wants Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to take a verbal beating from Republicans at the Senate trial. And he wants Joe and Hunter Biden to come and take abuse from a group who drink Trump snake oil in the morning instead of orange juice.

Rudy Giuliani still wants to prove Ukraine was Biden’s bitch when he was VP. The point that didn’t happen gets lost in the noise Trump, Giuliani, and his band of spineless cabinet members, who would rather piss on the constitution than follow the oath they took to defend it, create.

Mike Pence knew Trump had a Zelensky-screwing on his mind for months before he actually inserted his criminal boner up Zelensky’s ass. Mr. Trump knows he has to dump Pence and Rudy at some point.

Bill Barr told the Trumpster Giuliani needs to go. Barr wants to officially become Trump’s Department of Justice lap dog. But Trump and the Rudster have business deals lurking under the fabric of that client-lawyer relationship. Mr. Giuliani developed a lucrative business selling his exposure to the Trumpster.

Foreign businessmen knocked on Rudy’s door when they needed something from Trump. Rudy sold himself as the man who could make things happen thanks to his friendship with Trump.

A NATO conference got the ax after Carla Sands, the U.S. ambassador to Denmark, told the Danes to rescind Stanley R. Sloan’s invitation to speak because he made the speaker-cut at the last minute. The real reason Sands didn’t want Sloan to speak is the Trumpster told her to block him. Sloan is avid Trump critic on Twitter and Facebook. But the president of the Danish Council told the press Trump’s move to block Sloan’s speech is as stupid as his move to buy Greenland.


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