Trump Put A Hold On Military Aid 90 Minutes After His July Bitch-Slapping Call To Zelensky


Rudy Giuliani wants to take attention away from his legal troubles by pushing his conspiracy theories to the limit. Giuliani went back to Ukraine to film a video that he claims proves Hunter Biden was neck-deep in Ukraine corruption, and Joe Biden put a quid pro quo move on Ukraine to protect his son. Mr. Giuliani’s proof is not credible since the characters in his video are Ukrainians with close ties to Russia.

Russia continues to help Rudy fuel the theory Ukraine interfered with the 2016 election. Mr. Putin continues to employ Russian hackers who spread lies on the Internet to verify Rudy and Trump’s claim Ukraine is a bad actor on the world stage, not Russia. Rudy plans to take his new proof to Bill Barr and the Department of Justice. Barr wants to keep his distance from Giuliani, but Rudy continues to bring Barr closer to the Ukrainian firestorm.

Lindsey Graham invited Rudy to tell what he knows about Biden’s plan to protect his son in front of his Senate committee. Biden and Graham developed a close relationship through the years, but Lindsey wants to win in 2020 so he threw his relationship to the curb to protect Trump, his reelection campaign and his golf dates with the Trumpster.

The Trumpster told a group of conservative students he’s the victim and they should support him as he tries to turn his impeachment into a Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff impeachment trial. Mr. Trump wants to call witnesses at the Senate trial. Pelosi and the Democrats want witnesses like Mulvaney and Bolton to testify too, but Mitch McConnell wants to end the trial as quickly as possible. Pelosi put a fork in his quick trial plans when she decided not to send the two articles of impeachment to him before the holiday.

Chuck Schumer told the press the fact Trump put a hold on Ukraine’s military aid 90 minutes after his July call to Zelensky proves witnesses must testify so all the facts about Trump’s plan to screw Ukraine come to the surface.

John Bolton decided to get on Trump’s nerves when he told the press Trump’s plan to tame North Korea’s manic leader Kim Jon Un was all smoke and mirrors. Bolton wanted to missile-fry North Korea when he had the chance. But Trump wanted to put on a show for his voter base. After two failed attempts to make Kim his bitch.


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