Yet Another Likely Cause Of Cancer Is Isolated Thanks To New Research – Permanent Hair Dye Causes Breast Cancer Risks In Women


We often take the body of accomplishments contributed to mankind by medical practitioners and researchers for granted. Without the near-miracles that the worldwide realm of medicine worked to make happen in favor of the longevity and welfare of future generations, our life expectancy here in the United States, for example, would still be 47 years of age like it was in 1900 as opposed to the 79 years that the United States’ current life expectancy for people born this year.

Although we’ve managed to wipe out dozens of major illnesses, many of which are infectious diseases, in the past century or two, there are a few types of often-fatal, serious health issues that arise in modern people – one of them is cancer.

While it’s true that researchers are constantly making improvements to how doctors all over the planet treat cancer, we haven’t made as many major developments in the field of oncology as we would have liked to.

Although we haven’t been able to actually come up with a treatment that stops cancer in its tracks, we have, fortunately, published thousands of peer-reviewed pieces of research for the world to take information from.

The United States National Institutes of Health published a report last week in the well-known academic journal of the International Journal of Cancer that indicated a correlation between the use of permanent hair dye and the ultimate development of breast cancer.

Researchers, who were led by Alexandra White of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, set a qualification window that required study participants to have used permanent hair dye at least one time within the previous 12 months, using the date that the study began as the date of reference. Those women who used permanent hair dye, irrespective of its ingredients or manufacturer, were nine percent more likely to end up with breast cancer.

Although researchers have no real idea why this finding came out of their efforts, Black women who used permanent hair dye in the 12 months leading up to the study’s start date at least once were a whopping six times more likely to develop breast cancer as compared to White women in the same study. The research reported that Black women meeting the aforementioned criteria were 45 percent more likely to have breast cancer in the future, whereas White women only had a seven percent greater risk.


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