Apple Is Doing Better in China


Apple is not nearly as popular in China as it is in the United States. However, the tech giant has seen increased sales in the world’s most populated country. Even though Apple has seen its sales rise in recent months, the company is still not a threat to other smartphone companies that are from China. There is a very simple reason for this. The phones that Apple makes are very expensive. Therefore, only a small segment of the population can afford to pay the very high prices that Apple charges. Chinese companies like Xiaomi and Huawei make phones in a wide variety of prices. Therefore, no matter what your income level is, you will most likely be able to afford a phone that is made by these two companies.

Apple’s high prices means that they have no hope of ever dominating the Chinese smartphone market. They can only hope to hold on to a small percentage of the market. However, the economy is doing very well in China right now. This means that more people in China are doing well financially. These people want to spend their money on the best smartphones that money can buy. This has accounted for Apple’s increase in smartphone sales in China.

As of right now, Huawei sells more smartphones than any other company in China. They have slightly more than 40 percent of the Chinese market. By way of comparison, Apple currently comes in at number five. They only have around seven percent of the market. However, Apple seems to be satisfied with this. The company realizes that its high prices have put a limit on how well it can do in China. Apple does not seem interested in making a cheaper smartphone that is more affordable to the masses.

One of the big factors that is holding Apple back in China is the fact that they do not make an iPhone that is capable of 5G. They plan to launch their first 5G iPhone nine months from now. However, Huawei is already producing 5G smartphones in China. People will always want to be on the fastest network. As of right now, Apple cannot provide 5G to the consumers who crave speed. This will hold back sales for Apple. There are many people in China who would rather have a cheaper smartphone that is faster instead of having a more expensive iPhone that has all of the bells and whistles.


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