Iran Tells Europe To Stick The 2015 Nuclear Accord Up The Trumpster’s Butt


Mr. Trump’s belligerent tweets about the Iran situation let the country know the president is ready to rumble mobster style with Iran if the Supreme leader retaliates. Mr. Khomeini said Iran will retaliate and it will be a military operation. Iranian hackers will also play a role in making life difficult for American companies and Trump supporters, according to tech experts.

Iranian hackers have a reputation for spreading propaganda as well as hacking American companies and the people Iran considers enemies. Mr. Trump let Iran know he will blow up Heritage Sites and level government building if the Supreme leader lets his Revolutionary Guards revenge the death of General Soleimani. Destroying Heritage Sites violates UN resolution 2347. If Trump makes that call, he would earn the title “war criminal” on the world’s stage.

Having the word criminal in front of his name is nothing new. Mr. Trump is a white-collar New York mobster. Congressman Jerry Nadler tried to bring him down years ago when Trump tried to use his mobster real estate moves on New York lawmakers. Nadler finally nailed Trump when Congress impeached him. But Trump refuses to accept his impeachment. Mr. Trump knows his Republican yes men will give him a pass during the Senate trial.

The president’s drone attack was not the move the Pentagon expected when military officials gave him options to punish Iran for storming the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. Taking out Soleimani was the most extreme retaliatory option. Trump chose it to let the world know he’ll use war to get reelected. European leaders denounced the drone attack, and the Chinese news agency described the move as concerning and foolish.

Mr. Trump told Congress his tweets will be the official way to communicate what he’ll do next in this international debacle that will erode the global economy and will cost American taxpayers the United States trillions of dollars. That decision violates the 1973 War Powers Act, but the Trumpster said he doesn’t care about that law.

When Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear accord in 2018, most Middle Eastern scholars predicted war would develop unless Trump tried to renegotiate the agreement. Now that Trump committed an act of war, Iran told Europe the agreement is no longer valid. Iran will continue to build a nuclear arsenal to defend its people against Trump. Iran’s leader called him a terrorist dressed like a president.


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