The Latest Health Trends For 2020


Since so many of us made New Year’s resolutions involving healthy eating or exercising more, we can expect these health trends to take off in 2020:

Plant-Based Foods for Vegans

Expect more people to adopt a vegan lifestyle as more companies develop plant-based foods to replace traditional fish and dairy products. Oat yogurt and hemp, flax and almond milk offer vegans new options. Good Catch offers vegans traditional seafood products made from legumes and algal oil. Currently, they offer a tuna alternative, but more products are in the works.

Sober Bars

More bars will serve mocktails and zero-proof beers for people who like the bar atmosphere but don’t want to drink alcohol. There is already an alcohol-free bar in Brooklyn where people can enjoy the traditional, but sober, bar experience.

Virtual Training Programs

More people will sign up for virtual fitness training from the comfort of their home gym. Virtual programs replace gym memberships and in-person personal trainers, making it easy for people who resolve to get fit in the new year but have trouble finding the time to visit a gym.

Telehealth Services

Expect more people to take advantage of telehealth services in 2020. Individuals who know they should see a doctor can use Skype or another service instead of visiting the doctor’s office. It’s especially helpful for diabetics who can upload blood sugar levels and food logs for review. Web-based virtual appointments for minor illness will become popular in rural areas where patients have trouble with transportation to visit a doctor or nurse practitioner who is miles away.

Experts express hope people will see the big picture in 2020 and focus on moving more and eating better. There’s no easy answer for a healthier life, just trends like virtual training, which make it easier to to lead a healthier life.


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