Pompeo Wants Zelensky To Publically Announce Trump Didn’t Pressure Him During The July Call


The impeachment trial may last longer than Mitch McConnell said it would now that John Bolton’s book turned the trial upside down. McConnell didn’t expect any dissension from Republicans when the Senate trial started. But Bolton’s claim Trump told him he would withhold aid until President Zelensky announced an investigation changed the tone of the trial.

The president said Bolton just wants to sell books, but General John Kelly told the press he believes Bolton’s account of his meeting with the president. General Kelly worked with Bolton when he was chief of staff. Kelly claims Bolton doesn’t lie. Mr. Bolton also said Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, and Mike Pence knew about Mr. Trump’s plan to hurt Biden.

John Bolton is an honest man, and his honesty hurt him in Mr. Trump White House, according to former aides. But Mr. Trump’s defense team told senators Bolton’s comments don’t count in the trial. That statement didn’t sit well with the Republicans who are on the witness-calling fence. At Least four Republicans want to hear what Bolton has to say, and that’s the nightmare McConnell didn’t want to have. Mr. McConnell let the president know he doesn’t have enough votes to stop witnesses from testifying.

Mr. Trump Middle East peace plan gave the president a reason to claim victory during the impeachment trial. But the Palestinians claim the peace plan takes more land away from them and allows Israel to have the upper hand in the West Bank. Several countries in the Middle East said Trump’s plan won’t work. Iran called the plan a way for Bibi Netanyahu to take attention away from his corruption indictment, and it’s a way for Trump to deflect attention away from the impeachment proceedings. The Palestinians didn’t read the proposal, and they won’t read it. Palestine’s president called Trump a dog.

Mr. Pompeo lost his cool during an NPR interview. He called Mary Louise Kelly a liar, and he used profanity to make his point when he called her to a private room. Ms. Kelly asked Pompeo why he didn’t defend Marie Yovanovitch. Pompeo didn’t answer and stopped the interview.

The president praised Pompeo for trash-talking Kelly. Trump wants to defund NPR. But he also wants Pompeo to get Zelensky to say he didn’t feel any pressure during his July 25th phone conversation. Pompeo will visit Ukraine on Friday in order to make than happen. But NPR won’t be part of the media team that travels with him. Mike told NPR to stay home.


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