Trump Didn’t Tell Pelosi He Planned To Drone-Fry Iran’s Top General


North Korea’s Kim Jon Un told his people Trump played him like a fine-tuned fiddle for the last two years. Kim’s ready to go balls-to-the-wall and build a nuclear arsenal that will rattle Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

Kim knows Trump won’t drop the sanctions. Mr. Trump told the press he and the Kimster are brothers from different mothers, but Kim told the press the Trumpster is a dick. Kim plans to continue his push to survive the harsh sanctions that make living in North Korea worse than it was when Kim’s tyrannical father ran the show in that belligerent nation.

Mr. Trump got what he wanted out of Kim. The Trumpster was the first president to step foot in North Korea and the first president to walk out on a North Korean leader before lunchtime in Vietnam. China’s President Xi told the press he won’t give Trump a chance to disrespect him on the world stage. Mr. Trump claims Xi will sign his phase one trade agreement in January, but the Chinese press did not confirm that meeting.

China’s top negotiator Liu He is back in Washington with China’s interpretation of the phase one deal. Bob Lighthizer will meet with He to go over the changes the Chinese made over the last three months. Chinese scholars claim China may sign the agreement, but the terms of the agreement may fall through the cracks in the Chinese capitalistic system.

The Chinese don’t want to give Trump a trade win. But China’s economy continues to take a beating from Trump’s tariff addiction. The president may get temporary bragging rights until President Xi draws a line in the tech sand. President Xi refuses to allow the Trumpster to change the way his government treats China’s international corporations. Xi won’t let Mr. Trump change Chinese laws and he won’t let Trump break Huawei.

Trump is still hitting golf balls in Florida and landing in the sand. He had plenty of time over the holidays to bash Pelosi and the Democrats and raise hell with Iran. But Trump took one step beyond hell when he ordered the Pentagon to drone-fry Iran’s top military commander.

The Trumpster didn’t tell Pelosi he was ready to start a military rumble with Iran, and exacerbate the tension between the Republicans and Democrats. Lindsey Graham told the press Trump did the right thing when he started another major Middle East conflict. That will take press attention away from his impeachment, and it will give the Trumpster bragging rights when he stands in front of the cameras.


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