Apple Pays Fine for Making Old iPhones Slower


Apple will be paying a rather large fine for engaging in some deceptive business practices in France. It turns out that the company was discovered to be slowing down older iPhones without telling the people who bought them what was going on. Rumors about Apple possibly slowing down the performance of old iPhones have been floating around online for a very long time. However, it was not until fairly recently that Apple finally fessed up and revealed that they were slowing down the older models of iPhones. Most people believe the tech giant was doing this in an effort to get people to sell their older iPhone and buy the latest model.

Apple says that their reasons for slowing down the older iPhones are not nefarious. Actually, they claim they are trying to help their customers. According to Apple, the older iPhones will have a harder time handling large amounts of data on a regular basis. Therefore, they are slowing down the iPhones to give the batteries a rest so they do not shut down suddenly. Apple released an update that was supposed to fix the issue with the batteries. However, the company was still issued a fine in France that will amount to roughly $27 million. The fine is for the failure to let consumers in France know that their iPhones will get slower as they get older.

Apple is still slowing down many different models of older iPhones. However, they are now going out of their way to let people know when they can expect the performance of the phone to slow down. There will be a clear signal that the phone’s energy level is being conserved because of the age of the battery. However, Apple says that the newer iPhones are so advanced that it will not be as easy to notice that they are being slowed down by the company. The company apologized for not being more forthcoming about the practice of slowing down iPhones as a way of making them last as long as possible.

Performance management is what Apple calls the slowing down of the older iPhones. Consumers will be informed when performance management has started to be used on their phone. This will prevent people from wondering why their phone is not working as well as it used to. Apple could have saved itself a lot of money by simply admitting to slowing down iPhones.


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