The Chinese Aren’t Buying Whatever Canada’s Selling While Huawei’s CFO is In Custody


New Hampshire primary didn’t surprise many political analysts. Bernie Sanders won the primary and Pete Buttigieg placed second. Amy Klobuchar beat Elizabeth Warren for third place, and Joe Biden came in fifth. Biden knew he wouldn’t win in New Hampshire thanks to Bernie’s popularity. Mr. Biden left New Hampshire for South Carolina before the New Hampshire vote. Mr. Biden believes the black vote in that state will propel him to the top again.

But Mr. Biden took a direct hit from Mr. Trump when his defense team made Joe and his son look like bad guys during the impeachment trial. Biden claims he won’t let the president bring him down. But it looks like the damage done by Trump is enough to send Joe to the political showers.

There’s still a lot of mud in the Democratic race. Moderate Democrats and the DNC want Bloomberg to win, according to the New York Times. According to a recent poll, Mike is number three in the national polls, and he could end up number one after the Super Tuesday vote in March.

Jeff Bezos sold $4.1 billion worth of Amazon stock to satisfy his divorce agreement. Bezos is still the richest person on the planet even though his wife received billions in stock in the divorce settlement. Jeff decided to raise his profile after the divorce. He’s shopping for a mega-mansion in LA despite the fact he owns McMansions on both coasts.

The coronavirus has a new name. Researchers discovered the coronavirus belongs to the same species as the SARS virus that plagued China in 2003. Researchers called the coronavirus COVID-19 now that they identified the coronavirus gene.

The Chinese tried to cover up the outbreak of the virus, but it spread too fast, and it caused the death of too many people to ignore. China’s President Xi went underground until he surfaced in front of TV cameras to show people China has the virus under control.

But China doesn’t have the virus debacle or the Canadian fiasco under control. Canadian exports to China dropped dramatically after Canadian customs officers arrested Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou in December 2018. Chinese officials claim business with Canada will continue to suffer until Meng returns to China. Plus, China told Trudeau he can forget about the two Canadians in custody if he bans Huawei from building parts of his 5G network.


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