The Feds Think Parnas Paid Giuliani $500K To Help Mislead Investors


John Bolton let a Duke University audience know the White House may block releasing segments in his new book. Mr. Bolton said it’s okay for Trump to tweet, but the president won’t let him tell his side of the story, according to a Bloomberg article.

Mr. Bolton is a well-respected member of the Republican Party, so attacking the president could be dangerous to his political health. But Mr. Bolton is not happy with the way he left Trump’s cabinet, and he’s upset over the Ukraine fiasco. According to impeachment witnesses, Mr. Bolton wanted no part of the president’s plan to get President Zelensky to open an investigation that could hurt Joe Biden.

The investigation didn’t happen, but all the talk about Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s involvement with a Ukraine gas company did throw a monkey wrench in Biden’s campaign. Biden went from the top Democratic candidate to fourth place in the race. Several political analysts claim Biden is short of cash, and support for his campaign continues to erode.

Bill Barr’s attempt to go easy on Roger Stone created a firestorm in the federal prosecutors’ community. More than 2,000 prosecutors think Barr should resign for stepping into the Roger Stone sentencing case. Prosecutors think Mr. Barr is the president legal henchman and they want to stop him. But now that the impeachment trial gave the president the freedom to cross legal boundaries, Barr seems to be okay with his actions.

George Conway, the Republican attorney who started a PAC to bring Trump down wrote a Washington Post editorial. Conway claims Barr didn’t need to ask Trump what to do when four of his prosecutors told Judge Amy Berman Jackson they think Stone deserves to spend at least seven years behind bars for his crimes. Barr knew overruled his attorneys before Trump tweeted about the sentence recommendation because Bill believes the president is above the law. Mr Barr told the judge Stone should only serve a maximum of four years for witness tampering, lying to Congress, and obstructing justice during the Mueller investigation.

Lev Parnas may get hit with more charges, according to Bloomberg. Parnas helped Giuliani get rid of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in order to get dirt on Joe Biden and to hunt for a non-existent Democratic email server Trump claims is somewhere in Ukraine.

Parnas also started a company with his partner Igor Fruman called Fraud Guarantee. Parnas paid Giuliani $500,000 from that company’s bank account even though Rudy didn’t do any legal work for the company. The Feds think Parnas and his partners mislead investors and Rudy was aware of that plan.


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