Netflix Show Will Investigate Jared Kushner’s Businesses


There have been many amazing original shows that the Netflix streaming service has produced over the years. However, one of their most important original shows is called “Dirty Money.” It is an investigative program that explores the ways that criminals got very rich. There is a new season that will be released very soon. One of the episodes will take a close look at all of the real estate assets that have been assembled by Jared Kushner. He is famous these days for being married to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the President of the United States. However, he was very wealthy long before he ever met Ivanka.

Jared Kushner’s father started their real estate empire. Jared has since taken control of it. He has often been accused of being a slum lord. Many of the apartments that Kushner owns have failed various health inspections. His company has been fined numerous times for not following various regulations that pertain to the health and safety of the properties that he owns. The Netflix series “Dirty Money” will talk to some of the people who actually live in the apartments that are owned by Jared Kushner. This is something that many of his tenants have been afraid to do in the past because they were afraid of the repercussions from their powerful landlord. However, it is clear that his tenants have had enough.

Jared Kushner has used the fact that he is married to President Donald Trump’s oldest daughter to get himself a position as a senior advisor. This is a position that he never would have gotten had he not been married to Ivanka. It will be very interesting to find out if the investigators who work for “Dirty Money” are able to uncover any new info about Kushner that has not already been reported in the media.

“Dirty Money” will also look at different cases that are not related to Jared Kushner in the other episodes. For example, there is an episode that takes a close look at the corruption that went on in Malaysia where millions of dollars in a public fund were spent by several key officials. The former prime minister of Malaysia is on trial right now. He was charged with corruption. The show will interview him so viewers can hear his side of the story. The new season of “Dirty Money” promises to be very entertaining.


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