New ‘Star Trek’ Projects Are in Development


Fans of the iconic “Star Trek” franchise have reason to rejoice. That is because it was just announced that Paramount has two new shows and a new movie officially in development. There are currently a pair of “Star Trek” shows that are airing on CBS All Access. The first was “Star Trek: Discovery” and that was followed by “Star Trek: Picard”. The new movie is reportedly going to be helmed by Noah Hawley. He is the brains behind the successful “Fargo” and “Legion” series. It will be very interesting to see what kind of spin that he is going to put on the franchise. There has been no news about the story of the upcoming film or either of the two series that are in development.

There has been no confirmation from Paramount about whether or not the new “Star Trek” film is going to pick up where the last one left off. There have been some rumors that suggest it will be a brand new cast. That would seem logical when you consider the fact that Paramount could not reach a contract agreement with Chris Pine to play Captain Kirk for a fourth film.

There are some people who believe that Paramount releasing so much “Star Trek” material at the same time is like having too much of a good thing. However, fans of the legendary science fiction franchise beg to differ. Fans were thrilled that Patrick Stewart is once again playing Captain Picard for the first time in many years. The franchise will not fail because of too much content. It will only fail if there are shows and movies that are not entertaining to the masses. Paramount has been doing a very good job of maintaining a very high level of quality control where all of their “Star Trek” projects are concerned.

Along with the two shows and the movie, there will also be a few “Star Trek” novels that will be published very soon featuring Captain Picard. There will also be a few more comic books that will be released that will feature characters from some of the older series. More news about all of those projects will most likely be released in the coming weeks and months. For now, fans will just have to wait with anticipation for what the future holds. There will be no shortage of “Star Trek” content in the foreseeable future.


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