Ten Things You Should Know About Today


Hello, these are some of the recent information on technology you need to be aware of this week.
• Jeff Bezos is expected to donate $10 billion to be used on the fight against climate change; this sum amounts to about 7.7% of his total net worth. The wealthiest person in the world and the Amazon CEO posted on Instagram that he is planning to establish the Bezos Earth Fund.
• Apple issued a warning that it will not be able to meet its projected second-quarter revenue forecast as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Due to a significant drop in Chinese demand, iPhone has revealed that supply would be constrained.
The Trump administration is evaluating measures to be taken to hinder Huawei’s access to chip technology. According to a report by WSJ, the Commerce Department is making necessary alterations to the foreign direct product rule to restrict China from accessing semiconductors.
• Facebook’s suggestion on how online information should be regulated has been turned down by the European Union. “It is insufficient. It is remarkably slow, it is deficient when it comes to regulation and responsibility,” said the French Commissioner tasked with the bloc’s strategy.
• The Spotify backer Atomico has just raised funds of $820 million. This is one of the biggest funds ever to be raised in Europe. Established in 2006, this latest fund sees several portfolio founders in Atomico, and early team mates joined the project as LPs.
• In a bid to establish a broadband network in space, SpaceX under Elon Musk has launched the batch number five of sixty Starlink satellites to space. The company launched its latest rockets from Cape Canaveral, intending to expand its coverage.
• The presenters of the failing quiz app HQ Trivia held a tipsy final broadcast when the investors pulled out. Previously, the company awarded $6 million in cash prizes, but only a $5 million winning jackpot was available during its final quiz.
• According to Elon Musk, the conversations that He and the Microsoft founder Bill Gates had were ‘underwhelming.’ The Tesla CEO expressed his disapproval on tweeter following Bill Gates’sGates’s decision to buy a Porsche.
• The Met Office, the United Kingdom’s weather service, is planning to purchase the world’s most powerful climate supercomputer worth $1.6 billion. The computer is ten times more powerful than the computer in place currently but will deliver more timely and precise climate forecasts.
• By introducing its RedboxFree Live TV, the DVD rental company Redbox, has officially entered the advertisement-supported streaming market. The company will be offering ad-supported TV shows, and movies as DVD rentals reduce.


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