U.S. Senators Are Concerned About Amazon Employee Safety


It seems like Amazon is always under fire for something. Fifteen United States senators have recently teamed up to write a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Needless to say, it was not a love letter. The senators harshly criticized the online retail giant for its very poor record regarding the safety of the company’s employees. There were a number of requests that the senators made in the letter in an effort to make the working environment better for Amazon employees. One of which was to stop penalizing employees for taking bathroom breaks. They also wanted the work and speed quotas to be lowered.

Three of the senators who signed the letter are Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Sanders and Warren are running for president. Harris had a presidential campaign. However, she decided to drop out of the race because of a lack of support. Jeff Bezos has not issued a public statement about the letter. Amazon has been given until the 21st of this month to provide answers to the senators about how they will improve the conditions for all of their employees. The amount of injuries that are received by Amazon employees is truly astonishing. A study of one facility shows that 13 percent of the employees who worked there reported a serious injury within the previous year. Obviously, things cannot keep going like this.

Amazon is now one of the biggest companies in the world. The main reason for their success is the speed with which they can deliver the items that people buy. They are able to operate very fast because the employees are given a very heavy workload that they need to complete in a short period of time. They have a specified amount of customer orders that they need to pack. If they fail to reach their production quota three times, they are fired.

The fact that 15 of the most powerful politicians in the United States are now getting involved in the business practices of Amazon means that there is a good chance the tech giant will change its ways. Employee safety is an issue that many companies do not pay attention to in an attempt to get work done at a very fast pace. These companies know that time is money. However, human beings can only be pushed so far. It is clear that Amazon needs to rethink how their fulfillment centers operate.


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