The Coronavirus Comes In Two Strengths One Mild The Other Fatal


Huawei, the 5G tech giant, continues to dominate next-generation technology despite the president’s quest to blacklist the company around the world. Mr. Trump claims Huawei spies for the Chinese government, but there’s no proof. The Swiss did an in-depth study of Huawei’s 5G technology, and tech experts decided the company doesn’t spy, so Huawei will build parts of Switzerland’s 5G infrastructure.

More than 90 countries signed a 5G contract with Huawei. But France and Germany are still on the 5G fence. Huawei plans to build a 5G factory in France to service European 5G clients even if France chooses not to use Huawei.

But Huawei doesn’t always play by the rules, according to a newly discovered 2010 Huawei packing list that shows the company shipped Hewlett Packard computer parts to Iran. That violates the sanctions against Iran, but the company disputes that claim.

Boris Johnson still plans to use Huawei’s 5G services to help build the UK’s cellular network, but members of the Parliament want to stop that move and so does President Trump. Mr. Trump plans to extract military and intelligence assets from the UK to show Boris it’s not a good idea to go against him.

Mr. Trump continues to play down the spread of the coronavirus. Economic advisor Larry Kudlow continues to tell people to go to work, and the president claims only the sick and the elderly have to worry about COVID-19. Mike Pence, the unofficial coronavirus czar, told the press the CDC is short of test kits but supply should meet the demand in a couple of weeks. Members of Trump’s administration think Trump intentionally gives false virus information, so the coronavirus cases in the United States remains low in the eyes of the public, according to the New York Times.
Several states decided to take drastic steps to control the spread of COVID-19, despite Trump’s claim the virus is not a big deal.

Chinese researchers disagree with Trump’s claim. COVID-19 is actually two strains of the same virus. The L-strain is more potent than the S-strain, according to Chinese scientists. The L-strain left its animal host earlier than the S-strain, and that made the virus more potent.

The L-strain hit the Chinese city of Wuhan first, and as more people got the virus, COVID-19 morphed into the S-strain. Most coronavirus cases around the world are the work of the S-strain, according to researchers.


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