Dwayne Johnson Film ‘Jungle Cruise’ Might Be Delayed


One of the films that Disney is really banking on later this year is “Jungle Cruise” starring Dwayne Johnson. As of right now, it is scheduled to be released on July 24th. However, Johnson admitted that the release of the film might have to be pushed back because of the current coronavirus crisis that is impacting most of the world. He has been answering the questions sent to him by fans on Instagram over the past few days. He has had plenty of free time since the production of his new movie “Red Notice” was shut down. A fan asked him about the status of the “Jungle Cruise” release date. Johnson said that Disney is always monitoring the situation and they will make the final call. However, he did admit a delay for the film was possible.

As of right now, no films that were scheduled to be released after May have been officially delayed. Therefore, Disney is holding out hope that the global box office situation will be better by late July. However, they are being very optimistic considering what is going on in the world right now. Johnson could not provide any firm info on whether or not “Jungle Cruise” will be delayed. He said that a lot of things can happen in the world between now and late July. He said that the situation is fluid. Therefore, Disney will make a decision that protects their financial interests. If they feel that the film will do better by being delayed, that is what they will do. Johnson is very happy that the release of the film is still more than four months away. This means there is still a chance the film will not need to be delayed.

Dwayne Johnson was recently in the middle of filming a new movie called “Red Notice” for Netflix. The streaming giant decided to shut down the filming of the movie until further notice for the safety of all the people involved. Johnson said that he agrees completely with the decision to shut down the movie until such a time that the virus is no longer a threat. He is very excited about the movie. He can’t wait for people to see it when it is eventually released. Johnson said that he will keep answering fan questions on Instagram as a way of keeping people distracted from all the depressing virus news.


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