‘Mulan’ Is Poised to Be a Huge Hit for Disney


There has been a lot of talk about the impact that coronavirus is having on the movie industry. The fact that all of the movie theaters in China are closed for the foreseeable future is a big problem. This is because China is a massive market for movies. In fact, the only country where movies make more money is in the United States. The U.S. is also the only country that has more movie theater  than China. Disney was planning on raking in the cash in China with their new “Mulan” film that will be released very soon. This is because the story is based in China. It also includes a cast that is completely Asian. That having been said, it is expected that the film will still make a lot of money around the world.

The buzz surrounding the new live-action version of “Mulan” has been fantastic thanks to the amazing trailer that has been viewed by millions of people online. It is estimated that Disney spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 million on this film. If that figure is true, it means that the film will need to make more than $400 million to make a profit because of the huge cost of marketing the film around the world. It seems very likely that Disney is going to make a profit on the film. The size of the profit will depend on the willingness of people to go to a movie theater during the coronavirus crisis.

As is the case with most films, the early reviews will also play a large role in whether or not people decide to see “Mulan” at the theater. No reviews have been posted online yet. The movie is yet another live-action remake of a Disney animated film. The original version was released in 1998. The new version will be more realistic than its animated predecessor. For example, it removes the popular comedy relief character of Mushu. He was a red dragon and the best friend of Mulan. Mushu’s voice was supplied by Eddie Murphy.

The early estimates are predicting that “Mulan” will make roughly $85 million in North America at the box office during its opening weekend. The original projections for the film’s opening weekend were much lower. However, the film has been getting talked about a lot on social media over the past few weeks. That led to the raised opening weekend prediction.


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