Prince Andrew Continues To Ghost The FBI’s Epstein Investigation


Ted Cruz, Doug Collins, and Matt Gaetz decided self-quarantine was the right move after they mingled with people infected with COVID-19. Mr. Trump was close to an infected individual at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference, but the president claims he’s healthier than a horse. Surgeon General Jerome Adams told the press Trump is in great health. Adams claims Trump is in better shape than he is, even though the president is more than 30-years older.

It’s business as usual in Trump’s White House while the public still screams for more test kits, and the COVID-19 virus continues to do its infectious business across the country and around the globe. Mr. Trump still plans to hold campaign rallies, and he won’t cancel an upcoming Las Vegas event or a Republican donor dinner scheduled while he’s in Vegas.

Mr. Trump gave the stock market a shot of presidential adrenalin when he told the press he wants to cut payroll taxes to help stop the economic bleeding. But a payroll tax cut won’t help curb Gross Domestic Product erosion, according to Wall Street economists. New York Times economist Paul Krugman thinks the U.S. has a recession in its future, and he claims negative growth will hang around a while.

The Saudis threw an oily monkey wrench into the economic pot when Prince Salman got into it with Putin. Putin has an issue with U.S. shale production, and Salman told Putin to get over it. In order to push the Russian president harder, Salman dropped crude oil prices. That move made investors run for cover. Ten-year Treasury note yields dropped below 1% and 30-year notes took a beating too.

Huawei, China’s premier tech company, feels revenue pain from Trump’s decision to blacklist the company last May. Huawei can’t use Google services on its new smartphone series, and that could cost the company 50 million smartphone sales in 2020. CEO Ren Zhengfei told investors his company sold 240 million smartphones worldwide in 2019. But now that U.S tech companies are off-limits, Ren said smartphone sales will drop 20%.

Harry and Meghan went back to Buckingham Palace so Harry could turn in his Marine uniform. At the church service, William and Kate didn’t interact with the exiled couple. Happy tried to get his brother’s attention, but William didn’t acknowledge his younger brother.

Prince Andrew doesn’t want to cooperate with the FBI, even though he told the press he would help. Andrew is neck-deep in the Jeffrey Epstein debacle. But the prince claims he knows nothing, and he didn’t romp in the sack on numerous occasions with one of Epstein’s underage sex slaves.


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