Trump Calls The COVID-19 Pandemic A War With An Invisible Enemy


The $1 trillion stimulus package didn’t sit well with several Republican senators. Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s avid supporters, thinks sending cash to Americans is a waste of money. Graham would rather give that money to the health industry to purchase more personal protective equipment for health workers.

Several other Republicans don’t want to bail out the airline industry. If the airlines need money, airline officials should request a government loan, and put up collateral to guarantee payback, according to several senators. But President Trump knows he has to help big corporations survive the COVID-19 pandemic in order to win in November.

Mr. Trump’s re-election was in the bag, according to Republicans. But that was before Steve Mnuchin said unemployment will hit 20% or more thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. The president liked to boost about his great economy, but the nastiest pandemic since 1918 flushed his great economy down the toilet. Plus, the stock market, his financial pride, and joy, just erased all the gains Trump bragged about over the last three years. Presidents who run for re-election when the economy is in the toilet don’t get re-elected. That’s a political fact, according to the New York Times.

The news that COVID-19 may stick around for 18 months or more has consumers worried. The panic created by this new strain of the coronavirus will change the way Americans function on a daily basis, according to a recent government report. More than 60% of Americans don’t trust the president’s ability to conquer this invisible enemy. The president declared war of the virus, but health officials claim they don’t have enough personal protective equipment to handle the outbreak.

Mitch McConnell told the press the Senate passed the coronavirus stimulus package Congress put in play. But the Republicans changed a couple of items in the package. Senators didn’t like the length of the sick leave package, so they changed that request as well as other helpful requests Congress wanted in the stimulus package.

President Trump said the U.S. is at war with an invisible enemy. But he’s confident his team will win that COVID-19 war, even though he got serious about stopping the spread of the virus later than the experts said he should. And the president still doesn’t follow the guidelines infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci recommends, according to the Washington Post.


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