Trump Claims He’s Sending Two-Grand To Most Americans


Press the U.S. could follow Italy’s lead and have a COVID-19 outbreak that’s worse than the outbreak in China. Or, the U.S. could follow Taiwan and South Korea’s lead and flatten the virus curve before it peaks.

Collins claims 160 million to 210 million people in the states could come down with the disease if Trump’s team isn’t able to flatten the curb. Twenty-one million would need hospital attention, and that would short circuit the healthcare system in the United States. Plus, 200,000 to 1.7 million Americans may not survive if the coronavirus continues its path of health destruction.

Mike Pence let the construction industry know he needs the masks workers use on job sites. There’s a shortage of masks for healthcare workers, and those construction masks can help ease the shortage. Mr. Pence also told construction officials to stop ordering new masks until the health industry has enough to handle the virus crisis.

Mr. Pence decided not to self-isolate himself after he had contact with people with COVID-19 or with people who had exposure to a person with the virus. Pence stood on the podium with five other people, including Trump, during a news conference, and they didn’t stand 10 feet apart. The mix messages Americans receive from Trump’s virus-fighting team continue to scare Americans, according to the New York Times.

Hedge fund guru Bill Ackman wants Trump to bring the economy to a complete halt for 30 days. Ackman claims that move will cut the economic losses a little. But Wall Street economists claim a recession is in full bloom, and it may stick around for the rest of the year.

The Federal Reserve interest rate cut won’t help stimulate the economy during this health crisis. Consumers stopped spending and corporate revenue streams continue to dry up due to manufacturing issues, as well as supply and transportation snafus. The Feds also pumped $700 billion into capital markets to keep the banks solvent, but that may not be enough if Trump can’t flatten the coronavirus curve.

Mr. Trump knows his re-election hangs by a thread unless he can flatten the coronavirus curve. His $2 trillion emergency stimulus plan includes a $2,000 payout to most Americans when the Senate approves his plan. Lindsey Graham said sending Americans cash won’t do any good. But the president thinks putting cash in people’s pockets before the election will help his re-election campaign.


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